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Well, the arcade server was going to release Friday, June 13th at 7PM EST. Unfortunately Mojang decided to take down the session servers from 6:30PM until whenever they come back online. Why can't we just open it a few hours later? Well due to some family emergencies on my side I had to leave my house at exactly 7:05 PM EST and could not open it at a later time. I apologize everyone and I hope you know we still love you!
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This week marks the week of BOTH @Igathius (our architect) and @nervyboy (epic player)'s birthday! Don't forget to wish them a happy birthday when you see them!

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This update is going to be a little longer than most, so let's get into it. Overall I am very pleased how everything has been turning out so far. The server came back to life, we are still getting new players, and people still love the server. That is all great news to me; I love it! Keep up the great work everyone and remember to have fun

Assassins server: Yup, we released the server. There is still a lot to be done but with the help our staff team we will be able to finish everything up pretty quickly. Coming soon to the server will be bounties, exp system, custom items like the tntmine, etc, some more builds and of course prices changes. If you think that something needs work on the assassins server please do make a post about it or comment here.

Skyblock server: Not much has really been done since the skyblock server is really reaching an age of maturity which means less work on it. Again post suggestions.

Creative server: Again, nothing much here. Sowwy :(

Survival Server:...
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This update is going to be less about the servers and more about what is ahead. I'm sure some of you may have noticed less amount of production. We are just cannot work at the pace we would want to. That is where you guys come in. We are looking for experienced players in the fields of building, development, moderation and more. If you would like to apply for any of these positions please click the Applications tab at the top of the page.

As for the servers, we have brought back the new /inf command. You can switch servers, see players stats, check your points, and do many other things inside of this menu. Please if you have any question, suggestions, or complaints about the menu open up a ticket and tell us what is wrong.

The pointshop is out but I wouldn't say it is fully running. There are a lot of things that need to be fixed in it and a few other things to add. We are always looking for suggestions towards what to add and what to remove.

The servers are doing pretty well....
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I know I didn't post an update last weekend, that was because I had some crazy real life stuff going on. Let's just dive straight into this one.

Donor perks: All the donor perks have been completed and documented. You can find all the perks by typing /perks in game. Pets have also been completed and can be seen by typing /pet in game.

The coming of skywars, survival games, and some more minigames. Recently a lot of people have been wanting us to add skywars and SG back since we reset. I decided I would take the leap and try putting all of these gamemodes on one minigame server so you can easily switch between games. I hope to release this server in 2 weeks from last Friday. If you have any suggestions as to what we should add to the server, please comment below

The survival serer has a lot done to it over the past two weeks. The donations perks have been completed, a lot of in game fixed along with the new tutorial, and soon to come more features. All the perks for the server can...
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I'm going to start doing weekly updates that I post sometime over the weekend. This will help you guys better understand what exactly is going on with the server and what you can expect from us in the future.

First off lets talk about the Skyblock server. The first day of the skyblock server did not go so well. There were many problems and we unfortunately had to reset the islands within the first few hours of the release. Since then we have fixed everything and we are going strong. We instituted a much better shop system now that not only looks better but is better for players. We offer a wider variety of items than we did for the last server. We have also incorporated/chec a Mob Arena that will soon be 100% functional and running. At this time it is in the beta stage but can still be played. Join the arena today by typing /ma join cave.

Now let's get into the Creative server. There isnt much to be said about it, but there are a few things. Remember the cool looking...
by nhadobas at 12:35 AM
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Get ready, here we go!

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